Tokyo Tower Spring Annual Event! 333 "Nobori" and "Sanma Nobori"

With the orange and blue sky of Tokyo Tower in the background, 333 streamers swim vividly in the center of Tokyo.
Colorful spring is coming to Tokyo Tower again this year!
As a special project of "Boy's Day", from March 20 (Wednesday) to May 6 (Monday / substitute holiday) including Golden Week, a whopping 333 animals will be displayed in front of the front entrance of the first floor in honor of the height of Tokyo Tower 333m!
You can see the colorful ones fluttering in the wind and swimming in the sky at the same time.

They are mixed with them, and only one of them has a total length of 6m, "Sanma-nobori."
Since 2011, we have been promoting "Sanma-nobori" in Ofunato City, Iwate Prefecture, which has a friendly relationship with Tokyo Tower, and have been sending encouragement to the reconstruction from the Great East Japan Earthquake every year.
Please look for the "Sanma-nobori" where only one dog was mixed in.
With the orange and blue sky of Tokyo Tower in the background, 333 colorful streamers swimming energetically in the center of Tokyo ...
When I look at them, I feel like I'm springing naturally.
In Tokyo, the number of banners has decreased, but here in Tokyo Tower, as a "spring tradition," they are popular with families as well as camera fans.

Please come and see the impressive banner decoration that can be enjoyed outdoors!
333 "nobori" and "sanma nobori"
period Posted all day from March 20, 2024 (Wednesday) to May 6 (Monday / substitute holiday)
place Tokyo Tower 1st floor front entrance