[Barbie] and [Tokyo Tower] collaboration event will be held!!

Tokyo Tower" will hold a special collaboration event to commemorate the 65th anniversary of BarbieTM and 65th anniversary of its opening. 2024 6 month 1 day 6 month 30 day Tokyo Tower will be held at Co and Lab-TOKYO- in Tokyo Tower.
During the event period, you can also participate in mini-games with [Barbie] limited goods that can only be purchased at collaboration events and a limited collaboration ticket set that collaborates with Tokyo Tower Observatory tickets.
【Barbie ♡ Tokyo Tower】 Collaboration Project 1 ~ Collaboration Ticket Set Sale~

At this year's "Barbie ♡ Tokyo Tower", we will sell a collaboration ticket set that includes a stamp rally to find past "Barbie" panels hidden in the building of Tokyo Tower and an observation deck ticket that can be climbed to the main deck. The collaboration ticket comes with a clear file and replica ticket limited to this event. If you collect all the stamps and take them to CoLab-TOKYO-, you will receive a [Barbie extra large hologram can badge].

[Barbie ♡ Tokyo Tower] Collaboration Project ② ~65th Anniversary Limited Collaboration Goods on Sale~
At Co-Lab-TOKYO on the second floor of Tokyo Tower Foot Town, limited-edition "Barbie ♡ Tokyo Tower" collaboration goods will be on sale.
(Total of 19 items, 43 types) We have prepared a large number of limited edition goods that can only be obtained at this event, including items that will be made into merchandise for the first time.
During the event period, for every 3,000 yen (tax included) spent in a single transaction, you will receive one randomly selected collaboration design postcard (7 types in total).
CoLab-TOKYO- will be selling a limited number of "Barbie 65th Anniversary Dolls" in advance.
The product being released early this time is a doll wearing a gorgeous dress inspired by the black and white swimsuit worn by Barbie when she first appeared in 1959.
During the event, the store will be specially decorated in "Barbie" style.
[Barbie ♡ Tokyo Tower] Collaboration Project 3 ~Collaboration Drinks & Soft Serve Ice Cream~
The cafe on the main deck will be selling exclusive "Barbie ♡ Tokyo Tower" collaboration drinks and soft serve ice cream. The limited collaboration menu will come with a bonus coaster (3 types in total) selected at random. Come and enjoy this collaborative event while enjoying the view from the observation deck and the stamp rally.
Barbie ♡ 東京タワー
時間:10:00~19:00 (※最終受付18:30)
会場:東京タワー フットタウン2階「Co・Lab-TOKYO-」
CoLab-TOKYO- (運営:トラストトウキョウ株式会社)
公式X → https://twitter.com/colab_tokyo
公式HP → https://colabtokyo.hp.peraichi.com/barbie
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