Milky Way Illumination

Tokyo Tower Summer Annual Event
The "Milky Way Illumination" decorates the main deck (150m) with vivid light.
Based on the theme of the Tanabata legend of Orihime and Hikoboshi, countless LED light bulbs twinkle in the night sky and resemble "myriad stars" and "the Milky Way" flowing slowly, and "shooting stars" that sometimes appear vigorously express the starry sky. This year, the lights will be turned on every day from June 21st (Fri) to September 23rd (Mon/holiday), and you can enjoy the summer atmosphere with the cool light.

As night approaches, the light reflected in the window glass blends into the realistic night view, which is also an interesting point. A starry world of Kagayaki spreads over Tokyo, as if the real Milky Way has appeared.

You can also enjoy a colorful illumination show where the "starry sky" slowly changes color every 15 minutes to the "rainbow milky way" with 7 colors.

On the main deck of Tokyo Tower, please enjoy the night view and illumination competition and a cool summer time.
Tokyo Tower Milky Way Illumination
Implementation period June 21 (Fri) - September 23 (Mon/holiday), 2024
Lighting time 9:00-22:30
Venue North side of the first floor of the main deck (for the Imperial Palace and Marunouchi)
Organizer TOKYO TOWER Inc.
Number of light bulbs Approximately 30,000 spheres
Fees Admission fee to the main deck only