[ESPOIR TRIBE] and [Tokyo Tower] collaboration event will be held!!

2024We will hold a collaboration event "ESPOIR TRIBE × TOKYO TOWER" between "ESPOIR TRIBE" and Tokyo Tower at "Co-Lab-TOKYO-" in Tokyo Tower from July 2nd to July 31st. Limited collaboration tickets and limited collaboration goods will be sold at stamp rallies and "Co-Lab-TOKYO-".

【ESPOIR TRIBE × TOKYO TOWER】 Collaboration Project 1 ~Collaboration Ticket Set Sale~

At the "ESPOIR TRIBE × TOKYO TOWER" held for the first time, we will look for a panel of members installed inside the Tokyo Tower, and sell a collaboration ticket set that includes a rally game to collect stamps and an observatory ticket to climb to the main deck. If you complete the stamp, you will receive a [clear card]. Please enjoy the photo with the new visual panel of the members taken for this event.

[ESPOIR TRIBE × TOKYO TOWER] Collaboration Project ②
 ~Limited collaboration goods on sale~
At "Co-Lab-TOKYO-" on the second floor of Tokyo Tower Foot Town, limited collaboration goods featuring new illustrations and photos created specifically for "ESPOIR TRIBE × TOKYO TOWER" will be on sale. (Total of 9 items, 32 types)

We have a wide variety of items available, including those with  exclusive designs for this event and those being made into merchandise for the first time.
During the event period, for every 3,000 yen (tax included) spent in a single transaction, you will receive one postcard (drawn randomly ・ 6 types in total).
During the event, the interior of the store will be specially decorated in "ESPOIR TRIBE × TOKYO TOWER" style.
■ 開催概要
時間:10:00~19:00 (※最終受付18:30)
会場:東京タワー フットタウン2階「Co・Lab-TOKYO-」
会場:東京タワー フットタウン2階「Co・Lab-TOKYO-」店舗内
CoLab-TOKYO- (運営:トラストトウキョウ株式会社)
公式X → https://twitter.com/colab_tokyo
公式HP → https://colabtokyo.hp.peraichi.com