For visitors with wheelchairs

  • Allow us to guide you through the barrier-free way from the entrance to the Main Deck(150m)elevator
  • The elevator goes to the 2nd floor of the Main Deck. If you would like to move to the 1st floor of the Main Deck, please tell a nearby staff member.
  • We have 5 rental wheelchairs ready for use. Please tell a staff member if you would like to use one.
    * Because the number of chairs is limited, we recommend that you reserve one in advance. (Contact Tokyo Tower Office Department: 03-3433-5111)
  • We ask that visitors arriving by car please inform the parking lot entrance staff. They will guide you to a parking space near the entrance.
    (In cases when the parking lot is full, we will guide you to the most convenient space available.)
  • Parking fees are necessary as is standard.
    *The first hour is 600 yen/Every 30 minutes following is an additional 300 yen

Discounts for Persons with Disabilities

When purchasing your observatory ticket, make sure to present your documentation (physical disability certificate, mental disability certificate, medical rehabilitation handbook [Ai no Techou, Midori no Techou, etc.], atomic bomb survivor’s certificate, or specific medical expense [designated intractable disease] recipient certificate). Make sure to bring the original document, as copies will not be accepted. The following discounts are available to the certificate/handbook holder and up to one accompanying caregiver/helper for each certificate/handbook presented.

Adult High School Student Child
(Elementary or Junior High School)
(Age 4 or Older)
600 yen 500 yen 350 yen 250 yen
Top Deck Tour
1,400 yen
(Online advance reservation)
1,500 yen
(Same-day purchase)
1,300 yen
(Online advance reservation)
1,400 yen
(Same-day purchase)
900 yen
(Online advance reservation)
1,000 yen
(Same-day purchase)
600 yen
(Online advance reservation)
700 yen
(Same-day purchase)
  • Group discounts do not apply.
  • Please present your certificate/handbook at the ticket purchase counter. (Photocopies may not be used except in the case of a group tour.* No provisions apply regarding level or details of disability.)
    * If you are unable to ensure that all group tour members bring their certificates/handbooks, please fill out the Observatory Tour Admission Discount Application, stamp it with your personal seal, and submit the form at the Operations Center's Group Tour Counter on the day of your visit.
  • Caregivers, nurses and other persons accompanying persons with disabilities may be admitted at half the normal price in a number equal to the number of persons being accompanied, but any additional accompanying person must pay normal admission fees.

Information on restrooms accessible for the physically handicapped

AED equipment

If you feel unwell

  • There is a medical office in the 1st floor basement. Feel free to speak with a member of the staff if you have any questions or concerns. (Nurses are working from 9am to 5pm.)

About entering with guide dogs, service dogs or hearing assistance dogs

  • Visitors may be accompanied by guide dogs, service dogs or hearing assistance dogs.

About entering with pets

  • Pets other than assistance dogs (guide dogs, service dogs, hearing assistance dogs) are absolutely not allowed to accompany you.
    * Admittance rules were revised on May 1st, 2019.

Luggage deposit

Usage time :
9am - 11pm
(according to business hours)
Installation location:

  • Type A 300 yen :
    Depth: 64.5cm x Width: 35.5cm x Height: 84.3cm 20 lockers available
  • TypeB 300 yen :
    Depth: 57.5cm x Width: 35.5cm x Height: 84.3cm 6 lockers available
  • TypeC 200 yen :
    Depth: 64.5cm x Width: 35.5cm x Height: 55.0cm 15 lockers available
  • TypeD 200 yen :
    Depth: 64.5cm x Width: 35.5cm x Height: 49.2cm 16 lockers available
  • TypeE 100 yen :
    Depth: 57.5cm x Width: 35.5cm x Height: 40.4cm 4 lockers available
  • TypeF 100 yen :
    Depth: 64.5cm x Width: 35.5cm x Height: 31.6cm 16 lockers available
Regarding baggage storage