Visit the Main Deck as many times as you want!
Buy the One-Day Pass!

Visit morning, afternoon and night! Visit the Main Deck (150 m) as many times as you want!
Enjoy yourself to the fullest with an entire day at Tokyo Tower.

“I saw the daytime view, but I would like to come again at night!” In response to demand from large numbers of customers, we offer the One-Day Pass, which gives unlimited access for a day to the Main Deck (150 m)!

About the Main Deck
Situated at an elevation of 150 meters (492 feet) in the heart of Tokyo, the Main Deck offers the chance to enjoy dynamic local scenery in all directions. Looking straight down from this point, you'll feel as if you can hear the voices and sounds of people living and working in the city. Enjoy cherry blossoms and bright greenery in spring, changing leaves in the fall, and other seasonal sights. If the weather is good, you can even take in vistas of Mount Fuji and the Boso Peninsula in the distance. Come visit the Tokyo Tower observatory anytime for a taste of the real Tokyo.

Enjoy Tokyo Tower in various ways using the One-Day Pass!

View Tokyo during different times of the day, including at dusk
Start by taking in the city scenery from Tokyo Tower as long as you like. Afternoon and nighttime hours are popular, but the crisp-aired mornings and wondrous visages of early evening can be equally impressive! If there's a building or structure that piques your interest, look it up on one of the explanatory panorama signs! The appearance of Tokyo changes from hour to hour, so no matter when you look, something interesting or beautiful is always waiting to be found.

More than just scenery!
Enjoy events held on the Main Deck.

Six hundred stairs connect the Main Deck with the ground level below, so if you're full of energy and ready for some exercise, or if you simply want to get in better shape, try going up and down these stairs. And if you're really confident in your legs, complete all ten of the stairway courses to earn all of the official Stair Climber's Certificates.

In between visits to the tower, you can also visit other nearby sightseeing spots and grab a meal or two. With the One-Day Pass, you aren't limited to just one entry—come back and ascend Tokyo Tower as many times as you like!

Tokyo Tower One-Day Pass

Adult High School Student Jr. High /
Elementary School
(Age 4 or Older)
Price 2,200 yen 1,800 yen 1.200 yen 800 yen
Sales time :
9:00 - 19:30
Description :
This pass allows unlimited entry for one day to the Tokyo Tower Main Deck (150 m).

*May not be available for purchase on certain dates.

*Not available for first-sunrise-of-the-year viewing event hours on New Year's Day; sold from 9:00 a.m. onward as on other days.

Tokyo Tower One-Day PASS

How to use your One-Day PASS

How to use your One-Day PASS 1

Purchase the One-Day Pass at the ticket counter, then take the elevator up and wait in line for entry as usual.

How to use your One-Day PASS 2

A staff member will check your pass and then stamp the back of your hand with a special stamp for One-Day Pass users.

How to use your One-Day PASS 1

From your second visit to the Main Deck (150 m) onward, show the stamp on your hand to enter.