Iinfectious disease control

Infectious Disease Countermeasures and Requests to Visitors

For the 'safety and security' of customers who come to the tower

Safety and Peace of Mind for All Tokyo Tower Visitors

Tokyo Tower staff implement all of the following in order to ensure safe sightseeing experiences for all.

  • Thoroughgoing health management for all staff
    Attendants and staff check their temperatures every morning and regularly wash and disinfect their hands.
    Onsite attendants implement a reliable two-shift working system to minimize risk factors.
  • Complete disinfecting and cleaning of all facilities
    We use antimicrobial coatings throughout the observatory facilities, in elevators, at cash register counters, on handrails, and in various other parts of the Tokyo Tower facilities. In addition, we carry out comprehensive disinfecting and cleaning of facilities.
  • Partition usage to prevent spread of diseases through coughing and sneezing
    Ticket Counter
  • Installation of antiviral and antibacterial UV light emitter devices
    Eight devices are installed in the ticket counter area and upper part of the Main Deck's second floor to eliminate bacteria in the air and purify it.
    Equipment provided by Ushio Inc.
    Antiviral and antibacterial UV light emitter devices
    Care222® i-Series Universal Downlight-type i-UDT

Certified as a COVID-19 Countermeasures Facility

In collaboration with specialists, ASOVIEW Inc. operates a third-party certification system for facilities employing COVID-19 countermeasures. At Tokyo Tower, the results of their certification assessments confirmed that we meet all criteria, including criteria related to the three Cs (closed spaces, crowded places, close-contact settings), necessary to earn certification.

Parking Lot for 150 Personal Vehicles

Tokyo Tower has a parking lot that can accommodate up to 150 standard-sized vehicles. You can also come to Tokyo Tower by car.

  • First hour costs 600 yen, and every 30 minutes thereafter costs an additional 300 yen
Certified as a COVID-19 Countermeasures Facility