open-air stair

Approximately 600 steps of external stairs reaching a height of 150 meters are now open! "Open air outdoor stair walk"

Enjoy the view while climbing the stairs!

At Tokyo Tower, we have opened an open-air outdoor staircase with approximately 600 steps that extends to a height of 150 meters from the roof of the building "Foot Town" at the base of the tower! This course allows you to ascend in about 12 to 13 minutes while enjoying the view of Tokyo and feeling the pleasant breeze.
You may be a bit startled by "600 steps!" However, even a child in preschool can climb them in about 15 minutes. Taking the outdoor stairs up Tokyo Tower is a completely different experience from taking the elevator, and you will feel a sense of achievement and satisfaction upon reaching the top.
Need some exercise? Take the healthy way up Tokyo Tower and get some fresh air along the way! You can track your progress by checking the signs along the way, take a short rest and enjoy the view at the terrace space, and even take the Tokyo Tower Quiz prepared by the Noppon Brothers. You are sure to have a great time watching the view change slightly as you climb higher.
You can also receive a “Noppon Official Stair Climber Certificate," your reward for taking the outdoor stairs challenge! Climbing the stairs is also a great way to take a break from things, or get some exercise. Take the challenge today!

Open-air Outdoor Stairs Walk
Open-air Outdoor Stairs Walk
Open-air Outdoor Stairs Walk

Open-air Outdoor Stairs Walk

Business Hours:
Upward outdoor stairs: Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays only / 9:00 - 16:00
Downward outdoor stairs: 9:00 - 21:00
* Closed during rainy or stormy weather.
Regular observatory fees apply.
Special reward:
You will receive a "Noppon Official Stair Climber Certificate" as a reward for taking the outdoor stairs challenge.

* No reward is given for taking the outdoor stairs down.

  • There is no elevator access at any point along the outdoor stairs.
    (You may use the elevator on your way back from the Main Deck.)
  • We reserve the right to change business hours without prior notification.
  • Climb at your own pace, and make sure you get enough water and rest.
  • The upward outdoor stairs and downward outdoor stairs are separate routes.
Open-air Outdoor Stairs Walk