Efforts for horizontal recycling of PET bottles have started.

At Tokyo Tower, in collaboration with Suntory Beverage & Food Limited, a "bottle-to-bottle" horizontal recycling initiative, in which used PET bottles are collected and reborn as new PET bottles, will be held at the Foot Town Building and main deck. It started on Monday, August 8th.

bottle to bottle

* Horizontal recycling refers to using used products as raw materials to recreate the same type of products.
(Compared to the normal PET bottle manufacturing process, it does not require new fossil-derived raw materials, reduces carbon dioxide emissions, and can be recycled repeatedly.)

Places where recycling boxes are installed

・Foot Town《 1st, 2nd, 3rd floors(4 locations in total) *2 locations on 2nd floor only 》

・Main deck (150m)《 Main deck 1stand 2nd floors (2 locations in total) 》

Places where recycling boxes are installed
Places where recycling boxes are installed

Background of the initiative
The Suntory Group, a collaborating company, has set the mission of "harmony with people and nature", and is working on various initiatives with the goal of "100% sustainable" for PET bottles by 2030. This time, the two companies shared the desire to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society by circulating PET bottles, which are highly recyclable and have a recycling system in place, as a resource I came to.

Bottles are a resource!