Tokyo Tower's lighting is 100% powered by our own solar power.

Tokyo Tower uses 100% of the electricity it uses to light up the tower every night to be generated by the Kanoyama Solar Power Plant, which we own in Kimitsu City, Chiba Prefecture (electricity with environmental value). . As a result, the illumination of Tokyo Tower achieves virtually zero CO2 emissions. This is an initiative to realize the supply of electricity with non-fossil certificates (with tracking) in cooperation with TEPCO Energy Partner, Inc., and our company will reduce the estimated 176 tons of CO2 per year from turning on the lights. We are operating at zero.

* "Non-fossil certificate" is a certificate that certifies the environmental value of electricity generated from renewable energy. Additionally, a non-fossil certificate with tracking is attached with information indicating where the power was generated.

Light-up is 100% solar powered