That nostalgic song at the observation deck! "That time, youth graffiti"

Every Saturday from 1:00 pm to 3:55 pm
Personality: Miwako Okano
Broadcasting station: National community FM · Hawaii KZOO radio more than 120 stations

This program is On Air at the request of "one song that reminds you of your youth", from a number of hit songs such as folk, songs, new music, J-POP, etc. to hidden masterpieces of the album. This is a youth music program that looks back on that day and that time. It is broadcast live to approximately 120 community FM stations nationwide, including Hawaii.
Live broadcast to the whole country! "That time youth graffiti"
"That time, Seishun Graffiti" public live broadcast
Opening date Monday 1 Saturday March 2 (Saturday)
Holding time 13: 00-15: 55
Meeting place Main Deck club333
Fee You can see it freely with the viewing fee only.
Remarks *Public live broadcasts may be cancelled due to other events.