Maizen Festival! in National Tower Tour

A collaboration event between [Maizen Sisters] and [Tokyo Tower] will be held!!

2024year 5 month 2 day 5 month 30 day Co · Lab-TOKYO- in Tokyo Tower will hold "Maizen Festival! in nationwide tower tour".

During the event period, you can also participate in mini-games with the sale of limited goods of [Maizen Sisters] that can only be purchased at collaboration events and a limited collaboration ticket set that collaborates with Tokyo Tower Observatory Tickets. There are many other fun events such as collaboration drinks at the Tokyo Tower venue!
[Maizen Sisters × Tokyo Tower] Collaboration Project (1) -Collaboration Ticket Set Sales-  
At the Tokyo Tower venue of the "Maizen Matsuri! in National Tower Tour" to be held this time, we will sell a collaboration ticket set that includes a stamp rally to find Zenichi, Mikey, and Carrie hidden in the Tokyo Tower and an observatory ticket that allows you to climb to the main deck.
[Maizen Sisters x Tokyo Tower] Collaboration Project 2 ~Limited Collaboration Goods Sale~

Tokyo Tower Foot Town2 Floor "Co·Lab-TOKYO-" will sell limited goods using illustrations drawn for "Maizen Sisters x Tokyo Tower".
During the exhibition period, the interior of the store will be specially wrapped in "Maizen Sisters" specifications.
[Maizen Sisters x Tokyo Tower] Collaboration Project 3

~ Maizen Sisters are coming to visit! ~ During the event, "Zenichi", "Mikki", and "Carrie-chan" will come to visit Tokyo Tower!