KLANKA Ginza Tokyo Tower

A jewelry store supervised by Naokazu Kudo, a famous gemologist known for his many appearances in the media and supervision of jewelry-related TV shows. This store provides gems and jewelry for your pleasure selected with a reliable eye for world-class grading. It offers a wide range of precious colored stones from around the world, including pearls, jade jewelry, and natural stone bracelets. Feel free to ask about engagement rings, wedding rings, and repairs or modifications.
One-of-a-kind custom made jewelry is also extremely popular. The Japan Jewelry Patent Judgment Association in the same location provides jewel value appraisals, grading, and identification, and also issues appraisal reports and certificates of identification. It holds gemology seminars for those that want to learn basic gemology knowledge and techniques.

There are also hands-on seminars for children.
Feel free to contact the store for details.

*Official jewelry collection found only at Tokyo Tower!

Business Hours
10:00 am - 8:00 pm

KLANKA (+81)3-6869-1988
Japan Jewelry Patent Judgment Association (+81)3-3270-1767

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